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The Family And Consumer Services© (FACS©) plan offers "natural environment" consultation services and utilizes a team concept creating a partnership between the consumer and professional services provider. The consumer and/or family is recognized as equal partners with the mental health clinician. Consumer and family involvement is crucial at each phase of the process, including assessment, treatment planning, implementation, monitoring, and outcome evaluation. Consumers, families, and professionals have different perspectives; each team member involved brings their unique expertise to the FACS© team. Mutual respect for each perspective promotes decision-making in the best interest of the consumer. 

For consumers: 
  • Adaptive Skills Consultation Examples: anger management,tolerating unexpected changes of daily routine, coping skills for unpredicable situations / environment 
  • Daily Life Skills Consultation Examplespersonal hygiene, common household duties, budgeting income
  • Social Skills Consultation Examples: recognition of non-verbal social cues, social interaction, common social scenarios
  • Individual Behavior Plan Consultation (IBP) includes Level of Functioning Assessment(s) evaluating current self-help/daily living skills, self-stimulatory behavior and    communication skills to assist individuals in acquiring desirable life skills and reducing maladaptive behavior.
  • Individual Education Plan Consultation(IEP) development and/or consumer advocacy
  • Individual Service Plan Consultation(ISP) development and/or consumer advocacy

For others:
  • Parent / Sibling / Family - Education and Training
  • Professional, Para-professional and Caregiver - Education and Training Conferences (if less than 15 participants, please contact us)
  • Teachers, aides and other school system staff members - Workshops, continuing education,
Our Services:
Our organization concentrates on helping individuals and families residing in the Autauga, Elmore, and Montgomery (River-Region) counties of central Alabama. We provide a variety of psychotherapeutic intervention services for all levels of abilities throughout the lifespan. Our approach to the counseling process is a collaboration between the consumer and the counselor. We help individuals build upon personal strengths, talents and interests. Services are available for individuals; including self-efficacy skills training, self-advocacy skills training, career counseling and vocational counseling.

We offer individual, group, family and partner relational counseling. Depending upon your unique situation, we have the capability to provide sibling support services, age / skill appropriate structured groups, training workshops for other professionals, para-professionals, and caregivers.We offer behavioral mental health services; our clinical counselors are licensed to practice in the state of Alabama. Our organization does not ask for any type of compensation from our consumers for any service(s) that may be provided by us. ​Mental health interventions available 
  • Individual, Group, Family and Relationship Consultation Services
  • Career and Vocational Consultation, including IPE (Individual Employment Plan)
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